Deccan Herald: ‘Box of Mystery’ to be unlocked on June 20

Mystery entertainer Nakul Shenoy’s latest innovation is set to surprise and shock the audience 

By Nina C George

The lockdown gave Bengaluru-based mind reader and mystery entertainer Nakul Shenoy enough time to come up with something innovative in the world of magic.

Never the one to miss an opportunity to veer off the beaten path and give a new dimension to the old, Nakul crafted a unique mystery experience that blends the best of the online and offline worlds. The result is ‘Box of Mystery’, a show that takes you into the realm of illusion. Having performed for a select audience during the last couple of weeks, Nakul is all set to bring the show to the Bengaluru audience on June 20. Metrolife interacted with Nakul to get more details.

What inspired you to create ‘Box of Mystery’?

I was locked in like everybody else, so I wanted to create a never before experience within the confines and restrictions of the locked-in world. Everybody was trying to do online shows and I wanted to create a differentiator for myself and my audiences. The ‘Box of Mystery’ provides an experience to the audience over and above all that a pure online show or even a stage show could provide.

What comes in the box?

The ‘Box of Mystery’ brings with it a motley set of curios, that help the online viewers to be a part of the show, not just virtually but also physically. Since everybody is holding and using the same set of mysterious objects, there is a sense of a common ritual that makes the entire experience meaningful. And it delivers mystery right into their hands and minds in the most shocking way. I am excited because it fulfils the aim I began with — to mystify my audiences in their homes with an unforgettable experience that leaves them surprised, shocked, and stunned.

You have also collaborated with two other artistes for another show. Tell us about that collaboration.

Due to the lockdown restrictions, this show had to be restricted to Bengaluru audience. That’s when I spoke to my friends and two top entertainers — Prahlad Acharya and Raghavendra Hegde — about collaborating on a show together.

This show will be taken across the world. Prahlad is the best shadow player and Raghavendra is synonymous with Sand Art and I, with magic. We have put together a show where each one of us will be performing from our own homes and it will then be streamed across the world.

What kind of experience will the audience get as a result of this collaboration?

All my experiments on stage are meant to create shock, awe, and wonder. The ‘Box of Mystery’ took it in an unchartered direction, and the three-person show plans to take it to another level.

This show is also about presenting and showcasing Karnataka and Indian culture to an international audience. The audience will travel with us into a virtual world of sand, shadow and sorcery.

Article reproduced from The Deccan Herald, Metro Life, June 19 2020:


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