The Nakul Shenoy Experience delivers contemporary and suave mystery entertainment for sophisticated audiences around the world. This unbelievable play of wonders is internationally-proven to amaze, entertain, and leave you wanting more... guaranteeing a mind-blowing experience that is unique and unforgettable.
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Understand why top corporate leaders repeatedly choose to engage Nakul Shenoy for their most important events.

Nakul! This was absolutely mind blowing & mysterious. One comment (from a guest) right after the event:

After first two tricks: “I shouldn’t have a scientific mindset in magic shows. Everything is so easy to crack.”
After last two tricks: “Science is a lie. They all fooled us for all these years!”

Nakul gave an outstanding performance on the occasion of Tony Buzan’s India visit! This event was organised to give HR professionals an insight into Mind Maps. The audience was spellbound by Nakul’s charisma, his “mind reading” and his incredible feats of memory! He well deserves the title “India’s Mandrake”!
I strongly recommend his shows to everyone!

In these difficult times of lockdown and working from home, staying engaged with the teams and staying effective in this working model becomes challenging. We hosted a “remote” show of Nakul Shenoy, and it was one of the best stress buster, engaging events we have had in a long time! In addition, the show also brought out how to stay effective while working remotely. Thanks to Nakul for a fantastic show!

Nakul has the unique ability to connect with corporate professionals leveraging interesting concepts of Magic presented in a most interesting manner that provokes and challenges the thought process of a corporate employee. Any corporate wanting to entertain and motivate its workforce should seriously consider his services.

Thank you very much for your Zoom VC talk, “Make Magic While At Home” for our Sales Managers.

The talk (and the acts) was very entertaining and engaging. That it was tailored for the audience made it very appropriate and insightful. We had many meaningful takeaways from your talk that will serve us well at work and at home.

Nakul and I worked in making a leadership and innovation presentation using magic as a backdrop. The concept was very new as the session was an interactive one. I was very impressed at his professionalism. We had a few interactions and every time I found him to be very focused and with full of ideas. Nakul is a great person to work with who can bring magic into any topic.