The Hindu: He knows what you’re thinking

By Raghava M. JANUARY 18, 2009

BANGALORE: Nakul Shenoy will hold a 90-minute programme, “Beyond Magic”, at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall here on Sunday.

Mr. Shenoy, who calls himself a “psycho-entertainer,” says, “The programme is all about showing the power of the mind. At the end of the show, I make people question what they believe.”

In an attempt to put people at ease, he says, “It will be pure consensual entertainment. Under no circumstances will participants be subject to ridicule.”

Mr. Shenoy is popular in corporate circles for his entertainment shows. “I am holding a public show for the first time,” he says.

The show is all about reading minds, projecting thoughts, and predicting what a person will do next. “But I do not cross the line and go into issues such as healing. I remain an entertainer,” he says.

His ‘tricks’ include distributing beads of different colours among the audience and finding a person holding a particular coloured bead. “I study their mind, body language and eye movements. There is an element of hypnosis too,” he says.

His interest in psycho-entertainment was sparked by the comic strip “Mandrake the magician.”

“Since my childhood, I aspired to bring smiles on peoples faces in the way Mandrake was able to do.” He took a break from magic shows, which he started when he was 15 years old. “I worked on communication skills, including verbal and non-verbal communication.” Mr. Shenoy has joined the league of psychic entertainers such as Max Maven of the U.S. and Derren Brown of the U.K.

More information on Mr. Shenoy can be had on Tickets for Sunday’s show are available at Reliance Time Out

Note: Article reproduced from He Knows What You Are Thinking – The Hindu.


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