Nakul Shenoy delivers MYSTERY. Online!

With the world being in lockdown and social distancing being the norm for the foreseeable future, Nakul Shenoy has put his little grey cells to work and crafted a truly unique virtual experience for his audiences. He is now proudly Delivering MYSTERY. Online!

THE GRAND GAME – Adventures in Magic & Mystery

Nakul Shenoy’s latest, reimagined Mystery Experience is now available for corporate audiences. This specially-curated experience is ONLY delivered online and remotely.


Sand Shadow Sorcery - banner image showing Prahlad Acharya, Raghavendra Hegde,and Nakul Shenoy

Sand, Shadow, & Sorcery brings together the three most creative and well-known performers of Sand Art, Shadow Play, and Mystery Entertainment on one single platform — to present a never-before experience online, for an audience drawn from all across the globe! 

Sophisticated Entertainment for the Discerning

NAKUL SHENOY is The Mind Reader — an acclaimed mystery entertainer and corporate speaker based in Bangalore, India. This real-life mentalist is the author of Smart Course In Magic, and a multi-faceted personality: a communication scientist, a design consultant with patents, a user researcher, and a critical thinker. 

A speaker of choice for Fortune-500 companies, Nakul has won a global following for his high-impact mind-reading performances, and has made powerful impact at top corporate events across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, UK, and the USA.

Nakul Shenoy’s BOX OF MYSTERY!


The BOX OF MYSTERY is truly an experience that has to be seen to be believed. Nakul Shenoy has diligently crafted a most unique mystery experience, where the online, virtual world meets and interacts with the offline, physical world – blending magic and mystery in ways never thought possible.

Having been originally conceptualised and designed for a top-notch corporate event, Nakul Shenoy hosted an exclusive, one-time-only public performance of his acclaimed Box of Mystery on June 20, 2020. This made for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, for the few that got to experience this. 

Tried. Tested. LOVED. RESPECTED.

A list of top corporates that have engaged Nakul Shenoy for their high-profile events.

WHY Nakul Shenoy?

Combining his academic learnings with a rich industry experience, this real-life mentalist – Nakul Shenoy, tailors each of his presentations into a never-seen-before experience: one that stays forever in the minds and hearts of his audiences.

THE NAKUL SHENOY EXPERIENCE is a world-class act, counted among the most entertaining, interactive, and captivating mystery entertainment shows in the world. It is the perfect choice for premiere events hosted by top corporates — be it in the form of inimitable mind-reading acts or highly-engaging keynotes.