Sand Shadow Sorcery - banner image showing Prahlad Acharya, Raghavendra Hegde,and Nakul Shenoy

Sand Shadow Sorcery brings together the three most creative and well-known performers of Sand Art, Shadow Play, and Mystery Entertainment on one single platform — to present a never-before experience online, for an audience drawn from all across the globe! 

Sand, Shadow and Sorcery combine to Make Magic!

Three superstars join together to present a most spectacular experience, ONLINE! Witness the incredible acts of Shadow Caster Prahlad Acharya, Sand Artiste Raghavendra Hegde, and The Mind Reader Nakul Shenoy, with your family right from your homes.

Poster for Sand Shadow Sorcery - featuring Prahlad Acharya, Raghavendra Hegde, & Nakul Shenoy

Stunning imagery conjured up with a fistful of sand, shadows speaking and coming to life, minds being read and magic through the screen… that is the experience we are talking about! This is an enchanting and memorable evening for your entire family.

About The Artistes


Shadow Caster Prahlad Acharya is an internationally renowned shadow play artist and storyteller. A master magician and an accomplished ventriloquist, he is one of the few entertainers in the world who use only their bare hands to create an unbelievable world of light and shade.

A Grand Finalist at India’s Got Talent, Prahlad has performed Speaking Shadows – his amazing hand-shadow act around the globe, including Germany, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, UK, Switzerland, and of course India. He is acknowledged to be among the very best in the world in what he does.

Prahlad Acharya’s Speaking Shadows is a mesmerising world of hand shadows weaving highly entertaining and interactive tales from the animal and human world; where hands artistically encounter a source of light, to project on a large screen. A truly magical world ‘where shadows speak’ and come to life.

For more details, see or tweet @PrahladAcharya.


Sand Artiste Raghavendra Hegde takes a handful of sand and conjures up the world with it. Literally! Animals, people, picturesque scenery, are all crafted via the nimble fingers and creative mind of Sand Artiste Raghavendra. He takes his audiences on a journey of their lifetimes, all using a little sand and some light!

His impressive Sand Art show has taken Raghavendra to different parts of the world, and he has performed for numerous top corporates and even at an IPL event. Raghavendra has performed his Sand Art for massive audiences of 20 to 80 thousand people and even 5 lakh people! His Live Sand Art performances are a crowd favourite and he has shared stage with Bollywood stars and top musicians including, Kareena Kapoor, Govinda, Shaan, Hariharan, and Sonu Nigam.

Among his most coveted performances are a live Sand Art performance for a UNESCO special project organised by Ricky Kej, with 100 musicians from around the globe, including 6 Grammy Award Winners. But most of all, Raghavendra Hegde loves performing his Sand Art LIVE for his audiences.

For more details, see or tweet @rag_sand.


The Mind Reader NAKUL SHENOY is a top mystery entertainer and corporate speaker based in Bangalore, India. A mentalist of world-renown, he is the author of ‘Smart Course in Magic’ and a 10-time TEDx speaker.

A speaker of choice for Fortune 500 companies, Nakul has won a global following for his high-impact mind-reading performances, and has made powerful impact at coveted events across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, UK and the USA.

The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a world-class act, counted among the most entertaining, interactive and captivating mind-reading shows in the world. This unbelievable play of wonders amalgamates magic and mentalism to weave a stage show that is unique and unforgettable. Nakul’s interactive and enchanting acts of mind reading are internationally-proven to amaze, entertain and leave you wanting more.

For more details, see or tweet @NakulShenoy.