Delivering MYSTERY. Online!

“Adversity is the mother of invention”, insists Nakul Shenoy, as he continues to weave Magic of the highest standard. In fact, the renowned mentalist and author has used the current unprecedented situation to pivot his Mind Reading acts to new, unchartered territories.

With the world being in lockdown and social distancing being the norm for the foreseeable future, Nakul has put his little grey cells to work and crafted a truly unique experience for his audiences. Nakul Shenoy is now proudly Delivering MYSTERY. Online!

In these difficult times of lockdown and working from home, staying engaged with the teams and staying effective in this working model becomes challenging. We hosted a “remote” show of Nakul Shenoy, and it was one of the best stress buster, engaging events we have had in a long time! In addition, the show also brought out how to stay effective while working remotely. Thanks to Nakul for a fantastic show!

Vikram Labhe (VP & MD, Fivetran India)

From small exclusive gatherings of senior management, to mid-sized meetings of software techies or sales executives, or large-scale webinars and town-halls for all corporate employees, Nakul Shenoy has specially-designed offerings that match for your specific, unique need. And being online, these Mystery Experiences now accessible from across the world, via your preferred meeting or streaming tool.

The talk (and the acts) was very entertaining and engaging. That it was tailored for the audience made it very appropriate and insightful. We had many meaningful takeaways from your talk that will serve us well at work and at home.

Pratap Singh (Director – Marketing, Elgi Ultra Limited)

Having always been an avid proponent of interactivity in his sessions, be it on stage or (now) online, Nakul Shenoy’s foray into Mystery Entertainment could not have been better timed. Even as many speakers and performers are struggling to come to terms with the “new normal”, Nakul is leveraging his background in communication research and software design to craft never-before experiences of Mystery & Magic that transcend all barriers: both virtual and real.

Picture Courtesy: @TheSwamy

Thanks Nakul Shenoy for a gripping 1 hour of captivating Prime Ventures Founders – I wasn’t sure #LiveMagicShow could work on #VideoConference but it was brilliantly done and entertaining and very well received by all!

Sanjay Swami (Co-Founder, Prime Ventures)

Not a stranger to trying new things, Nakul Shenoy continues to push the envelope as far as he can and some more, to experiment and achieve the most wonderful, unbelievable Mystery Experience for his audiences. This is always delivered in his inimitable style of story-telling, and inter-woven with relevant corporate messaging. Most of all, Nakul likes to craft and deliver an experience that is unique, stunning, and shocking.

Nakul! This was absolutely mind blowing & mysterious. One comment (from a guest) right after the event:
After first two tricks: “I shouldn’t have a scientific mindset in magic shows. Everything is so easy to crack.”
After last two tricks: “Science is a lie. They all fooled us for all these years!”

Amit Somani (Co-Founder, Prime Ventures)

As always, each show, talk, keynote is tailor-made for the audience and crafted for the occasion at hand. Each of them have the same primary aim: to ensure that it is special and unforgettable for the audience. And the accolades that keep flowing in, speak more towards this than anything that we can write here.

Thank you so much for taking the time out for the webinar. It was a pleasure having you and the audience was truly inspired by your thoughts. The session was truly intriguing.

Manik Kohli (Partner – Finance and Operations, SpeakIn Speaker Bureau)

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After all, only he is Delivering MYSTERY. Online!

It was a great session, Nakul Shenoy! I’m still wrapping my head over it.

Sumit Chhazed (Co-Founder & CEO, OTO Capital)