Nakul Shenoy’s BOX OF MYSTERY

With COVID19, the world went into lockdown and overnight, life as we knew it changed; for ever. People began to look at online modes to communicate: virtual became the new reality. Even as many speakers and entertainers were still coming to terms with the new norm of the zoom-driven world, Nakul Shenoy decided to push the envelope furthest and craft a never-before Mystery Experience!

That was fabulous! I’ve seen Nakul Shenoy perform live. And been privileged to listen to him explain some of the concepts of mentalism. Even so, yesterday — when he did a remote act on Zoom — was an extraordinary experience.

Prem Panicker (@prempanicker)

Nakul Shenoy set forth to create a new offering, guided by one single aim: mystify audiences in their homes with a most unique, unforgettable experience that has to leave them surprised, shocked, and stunned! Nakul wished to transcend the limitations of the online mode, with a real surprise delivered right into the audiences homes.

Fabulous, Nakul! Wowww, Mandrake. What a lovely performance. 

Ashok Lalla (@ashoklalla)

Best of all, Nakul has achieved exactly what he wanted to: creating a new, never-before, unique Mystery Experience that he has designed from the ground up. He calls this wonderful offering, Nakul Shenoy’s BOX OF MYSTERY.


Nakul’s show was outstanding!! He had a few of us Bengaloreans (and our kids) in an amazed bind as he was able to guess what was on our minds, via a Zoom call 🙂 The finale, in particular, was astounding! This is a fantastic format, bringing interactivity to magic via video call!

Karthik Srinivasan (@beastoftraal)

THE BOX OF MYSTERY is truly an experience that has to be seen to be believed. Nakul Shenoy has diligently crafted a most unique mystery experience, where the online, virtual world meets and interacts with the offline, physical world – blending magic and mystery in ways never thought possible.

Today was a super special Sunday! Was lucky enough to be wowed by the genius Nakul Shenoy who never ceases to amaze us! From illusions to mind reading, this is the mystery box I want now every time there is a weekend!

Prateek Thakkar (@teentakle1212)

As the very name suggests, at the centre of this experience is a small, mysterious box – called the Box of Mystery. Every participant of the show receives this mysterious, but beautiful box that they keep safe till the scheduled time of performance.

The Box of Mystery is opened only during the online, interactive show – in the company of all the participants. The few mystical objects in the Box, help each participant partake and experience Mystery in its true form. And the rest, as they say, has to be seen to be believed!

This Nakul Shenoy show is super innovative; magical experience over zoom. Thumbs up!

Nitin Pai (@acorn)

Having been originally conceptualised and designed for a top-notch corporate event, Nakul Shenoy hosted an exclusive, one-time-only public performance of his acclaimed Box of Mystery for the public on June 20, 2020. This was literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all those that experienced the show.

Yesterday afternoon was made superbly fun by Nakul Shenoy ’s #BoxofMystery Experience. Magic, awe and tricks. My kind of an evening. Thanks N, for thinking of it and doing it for all of us! Also, felt like a Bangalore reunion with online-offline friends!

Shweta Taneja (@shwetawrites)