Udayavani Morning News: NAKUL’S ABRACADABRA

Young man takes to Magic to ‘make people happy’

Udayavani Morning News. Manipal, August 31, 1998

Eyes popping out, mouths agape and with wonderment writ large on their faces they watched with childlike enthusiasm and amazement. “It’s all sleight of hand,” he said brushing off the awe.

But that is simply hard to believe when he can make a piece of bright pink clock rolled into a Rs 100 note vanish into thin air or make a perfectly strong sturdy pen wobble like it was made of rubber!!

Welcome to the world of abraca dabra of Nakul Shenoy of Udupi.

Nakul was one of those kids whose life changed after he attended a magic show of the famous Indian magician P C Sorcar when he was just five years old. The performance fascinated the young boy so much that from that day onwards all he wanted to be was a magician.

And today at the age of 20, Nakul Shenoy is a proud professional magician. His first performance was in 1994, when he was just 16 years.

It is to Nakul’s credit that he never tutored under a professional magician but learnt the art by himself reading books on magic and by simply watching magicians perform. David Copperfield and Paul Daniels are his favourite magicians, and hopes that one day he will have the opportunity to watch them perform.

“Magic as a hobby is an expensive hobby,” says Nakul. “But at the same timeit is also a lucrative one though it has a long way to go in India when compared to the West where magic shows have become very sophisticated, thanks to technology,” he adds.

Confident and astute, he is the founder of a magic troupe called MAGIQUE – The Majestique Mystique World and also the co-founder of MAADRI which imparts training on magic to young kids.

And what does Nakul see for himself 10 years from now? “I am interested in doing Journalism and one day I hope to be a free lance columnist. That way I can concentrate on my magic and also get to the people.”

To Nakul, magic is an art, which he would like to use to create social awareness and fight social evils. His ultimate dream would be to do something for his Motherland and make her proud of him. Here’s to you and your dreams Nakul Shenoy.

Note: Article reproduced from NAKUL’S ABRACADABRA: Young man takes to Magic to ‘make people happy’ – Udayavani Morning News. (August 31, 1998)


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