Nakul Shenoy to present ‘Beyond Magic’

By Mahesh Prabhu. Bangalore, Jan 13 2009.

Nakul Shenoy is a self-confessed Mandrake buff. He began with conventional magic, conjuring things with ropes and cards. He moved on to doing big stage shows, conjuring illusions where in the flash of his wand, people vanished and reappeared. Today, Nakul is among the most sought after corporate magicians in the City.

But so alluring did Nakul find magic that these small things were unable to satisfy him. He soon got into the intricacies of mind reading.

Nakul is all set to host a 90-minute show, ‘Beyond Magic’ at Chowdaiah Hall on January 18 at 6.30 pm. The show will explore the uncanny, present the unusual, and illustrate the paranormal. He will read minds, projects thoughts, predict the future, and demonstrate super-human memory.

Nakul explains, “Psychic phenomena deals with the paranormal and things unknown. It refers to concepts like extra sensory perception (ESP), telepathy, clairvoyance.”

He says he presents these phenomena purely for entertainment purposes. “I do not claim supernatural powers, but I read people’s minds, project thoughts and predict events, with the sole purpose of entertainment – psychic entertainment,” says Nakul.

It’s Nakul’s yearning to be real life Mandrake that prompted him to mind read. “A magical person who could read minds, project thoughts, and influence people by gesturing hypnotically,” he says.

He began putting his mind-reading tactics into use. He would perform at corporate venues, for audiences largely comprising adults, and began evolving his shows with the emphasis on retaining the intrigue more to what would hold their intrigue. “I slowly began toying with what I term as ‘real magic’ and in time moved over completely to the genre of psychic entertainment � presenting phenomena like mind reading, thought transference, and telepathy,” he explains.

Surely people must be unnerved by his act of reading their minds. How do they react? “Most of the times I am doing this after seeking people’s permission. Then too, only for their entertainment. But yes, there are times when people are really psyched,” he says. But different audiences react differently. The corporates, he says, are mystified, baffled and entertained all at the same time.

“They treat it with utter disbelief, but can’t disbelieve it too for they have just witnessed and experienced something paranormal, something truly psychic,” he says.

Tickets are available at Reliance TimeOut on Cunningham Road and

For details log onto

Note: Article reproduced from Nakul Shenoy to present ‘Beyond Magic’ –


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