Nakul Shenoy – A Luminous Magician

By Mahesh Prabhu. Mangalore, June 22, 2008.

Simply speaking a ‘magician’ is an artist who performs illusions. Magicians can also be classified pertaining to the type of magical effects they present, such as prestidigitators, conjurors, illusionists, mentalists, ventriloquists and escape artists. Nakul Shenoy can be better defined as a ‘brilliant’ Mentalist.

He is considered to be among the rarest of the ‘elite’ performers who have devoted themselves to this form of psychic entertainment. People who have witnessed his candid acts of ‘mind reading’ and ‘psychic’ presentations acknowledge them to be ‘among the best’.

Beyond Magic, Nakul’s commercial leisure performance show, deals with the eerie, it presents the atypical and completely exemplifies that clairvoyant. ‘Here you stand witness to the psychic entertainment at its very best’ says a friend of mine. If that fails to impress upon you, how about ‘metal bent with the power of mind.’! Mind boggling isn’t it? Yes, most certainly it is. And because it is so, it is also being used in education cum training programs by the finest of the corporate houses, to ‘demonstrate the power of mind’.

It doesn’t matter who you are. A believer in supernatural and psychic phenomena, a skeptic or a neutral observer, you are simply taken in and equally fascinated by the enchanting and enthralling performance of Nakul.

His professional website ( claims acknowledgements from the finest of personas including that of Rajit Barot (Music Director), Venkat Iyer (CIO, TVS Motor Co. Ltd.), PC Sorcar Jr. including many others.

Professionally Nakul holds Masters in Communications and is currently pursuing his doctorate. Besides being a guest faculty at the Academy of Magical Sciences, Nakul has also delivered prestigious lectures at numerous Magic conventions.

Being a co-founder of MAADRI (Magic & Allied Arts Development & Research Institute), he is also one among the driving force behind the IndianMagique – India’s premier portal for magic and magician launched in the year 1998.

Some of his distinguished clients include: Wipro Infotech, Apple India, UAE Amchigele Samaj, Microsoft, HSBC Bank, GE India Innovation Centre, ICICI Bank, Samsung Electronics, PAN IIT 2006, CIOL and many others.

We wish the very best to Nakul on his long, yet enduring, journey in the world of Magic.

Note: Special thanks to Smt. Aruna Shenoy, UAE.

Note: Article reproduced from “A Luminous Magician” – (June 24, 2008).


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