DNA: Learning, the not-so-hard way for Bangalore children

By Anindita Mitra. May 10, 2011.

With summer and vacations upon us, harried parents are busy picking the right summer courses and camps that will keep their children occupied, if not interested. There are plenty to choose from and here’s a few that promise to teach something unusual, and to a great degree useful, to children.

What about learning to become a magician? With the last of the Harry Potter movie slated to be released in India at the end of this summer, it’s time the young Pottermaniacs learnt some spells that leave the Muggles amazed. Magicians and corporate entertainers Nakul Shenoy and Prahlad Acharya have five-day workshops in store, at Rs1,500 per child.

Slated tentatively for the third week of May onwards, these workshops will be held at The Magic Space. Shenoy and Acharya will train children in the basics of magic — the know-how, tricks and tools of the trade — to further their interest in it and enable them to hold a short show of their own.

These workshops are usually meant for children above 10 years of age. “Smaller children cannot concentrate and learn. It’s better for the parents to buy them a starter’s kit with DVDs, instead of wasting money enrolling the child in a course he or she may not be suited for,” says Shenoy.

He explains that a course in magic does more than just help a child become an entertainer. “It helps children become more confident; it helps them get over their shyness or diffidence. They know something unusual that others don’t. They know magic. That gives a major confidence boost.”


Note: Article reproduced from DNA News: Learning, the not-so-hard way for Bangalore children


Written by Nakul Shenoy Inc

The Mind Reader NAKUL SHENOY is a leading corporate speaker and mystery entertainer based in Bangalore, India. An acclaimed mentalist and 10-time TEDx speaker, he is the author of 'Smart Course in Magic'. You can reach Nakul via nakulshenoy.com or tweet/toot @NakulShenoy

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