Deccan Herald: Bend it like Nakul Shenoy

By Michael Patrao. March 12, 2006.
The Deccan Herald: Metro Plus.

He can bend a metal key using the power of the mind. Bangalore-based magician Nakul Shenoy considers himself more than a magician. Therefore his shows are named “Beyond Magic”, a fast-paced, highly interactive top-notch corporate entertainment show that explores the unusual and illustrates the paranormal.

“Beyond magic is something that starts where normal magic ends. I call it psychic entertainment for adults”, says Nakul, who has been promoting magic in Bangalore for the past six years.

He can read your mind, predict the future and bend a metal key using the power of the mind (psychokinesis practiced by Uri Geller) or so it seems.

Beyond Magic

Beyond Magic is a 45 to 60 minute presentation with no props except for small items like pen, paper, keys. The show tests the audience’s intuition, instincts, and their ability to trust themselves.

He predicts events and demonstrates superhuman memory.

Call it an entertainment package, an edutaining show, or a corporate training programme (for unleashing the power of the mind), this mystical show is fulfilling and rejuvenating. Nakul uses Beyond Magic at corporate events, get-togethers, workshops, seminars and conventions.

“Whether the onlooker is a believer in supernatural and psychic phenomena, a skeptic or a neutral observer – they are all taken in, “ Nakul says.

Nakul performed his first magic show in 1993 ( at the age of 15) and performs all over the country now.

He is a guest faculty at the Academy of Magical Sciences and has delivered lectures at numerous magic conventions, based on his masters research on the potential of magic for social communication. Nakul has an MS (Communication) degree and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Communication on “ Magic as a medium of communication” from Pune University. A co-founder of Magic and Allied Arts Development and Research Institute (MAADRI), this 27 year-old is the driving force behind – India’s premier portal for magic and magicians launched in 1988.

Note: Article reproduced from “Bend it like Nakul Shenoy” – Deccan Herald; The Metro Life’ supplement. (March 12, 2006).
Also published as “Bend it like Nakul Shenoy” – Deccan Herald; ‘State’ Page 2. (March 13, 2006)


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